QuipuKit 1.2.2 Free download

QuipuKit 1.2.2

  • Publisher:TeamDev Ltd.
  • Version:1.2.2
  • Operation System:Windows
  • License:Free to try
  • File Size:3.18MB

Total Downloads:917

QuipuKit 1.2.2Description

QuipuKit is a JSF library enabling developers to easily build dynamic Web applications. It includes an extended set of JSF components and a validation framework that shifts the traditional JSF validation to the client side. The library introduces such advanced components as DataTable, TreeTable, Chart, Calendar, and etc. providing developers with richer functionality and customization capabilities.
What's new in this version:
Version 1.1.2 has added a JavaScript function to display the PopupLayer component centered, added meaningful exception when returning wrong class through binding, and improved algorithm of positioning the FloatingIconMessage component.

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